Stud Rams

Double Ewe Farm actively participates in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP). Flock sires are carefully chosen for balanced Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) with emphasis on parasite resistance based on Fecal Egg Counts (FEC) and Post Weaning Weight (PWWT).  Our goal is to produce lambs with excellent genetic potential for breeding stock as well as commercial lambs with efficient gains and desirable carcass traits on a pasture based system.

Carter (NWT388)

Hound River Katahdins

Carter has excellent EBVs in post-weaning weight and fecal egg count. He is a trait leader in the Katahdin breed for both traits.

Carter was our primary flock sire from 2012 through 2016 before being utilized as a flock sire at Dale Bumpers USDA Small Farms Research Center in Booneville, Arkansas for two seasons.  We have several exceptional Carter daughters in our flock.        

Carter's lambs have excellent EBV's with superior parasite resistance and carcass composition traits.    

Pedigree for Carter (NWT388)

Farmall 656 (UU1656)

Double Ewe Farm

Farmall 656 is one of the best rams ever produced by Double Ewe Farm.   We retained him as a flock sire for ongoing use.    

**  EBV for PFEC is -98.5 % (top 2% of breed)

**  EBV for PWWT is +5.2 kg (top 4% of breed)

** EBV for NLB is 27% (top 1% of breed)

** USA Hair Index 108.4 (top 15% of breed)

Pedigree for Farmall 656 (UU1656)

Ozark (USD 16059)

Dale Bumpers USDA Small Farms Research Center

Ozark was acquired from Dale Bumpers USDA Small Farms Research Center in Booneville, Arkansas in 2016.  The USDA research center is well known for its cutting edge work with improving parasite resistant genetics through the use of Fecal Egg Count Estimated Breeding Values.      

Pedigree for Ozark (USD 16059)

Buckeye (WJF502)

Wade-Jean Farm

We purchased Buckeye in 2015 at the Virginia Tech Ram Test and Sale.  Buckeye was one of the top performers during the rigorous field trial.  He had one of the lowest fecal egg counts and highest average daily gains during the project.   

Pedigree for Buckeye (WJF502)

Chinook (KRK325)

KRK Katahdins

Chinook has very balanced EBV numbers along with a strong pedigree. He is heavily muscled and was used to optimize carcass composition characteristics in our flock.  Chinook's lambs are growthy performers with exceptional maternal traits. 

Pedigree for Chinook (KRK325)

Boone (BGK0851)

Bluegrass Katahdins

We purchased Boone in Kentucky from Bluegrass Katahdins (BGK) in 2010.  

We selected Boone as a foundation sire because of his sound conformation, slick shedding hair coat, and excellent  muscling.  We wanted our foundation flock to be structurally correct. He is now retired, but we have many beautiful daughters. 

Pedigree for Boone (BGK0851)