Katahdins are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep. They are medium-sized and ideal for production in a variety of management systems. The Katahdin is a type of hair sheep and can be any color. The hair coat generally consists of coarse outer hair fibers with an undercoat of fine wooly fibers. The coat becomes thick and dense in winter, but sheds out as chunky mats in Spring (which songbirds quickly pick up to use in building nests).

Once the winter coat is shed, Katahdins have a short slick hair coat similar to deer. With no wool to tangle in brush or collect debris around the tail, there is no need to dock tails. Katahdins can be used in crossbreeding programs to eliminate the wool of other breeds. When crossed with wool sheep, the first generation lambs will typically have wool fleeces with interspersed hair, but after about 3-4 generations, crossbred lambs will have a smooth shedding, carefree haircoat.

Katahdins yield a high quality, naturally lean meat with a mild savory flavor. Katahdins are comparable to other medium-sized sheep in growth and carcass composition providing a variety of tender flavorful cuts for your festive table.