There are so many wonderful ways to prepare lamb: grilled, roasted, smoked, slow-cooked. We update this page regularly, so please check back for delicious new recipes. We catalogue the recipes posted on our website, so if you miss out on printing a copy for yourself, just contact us and we will send you the recipe.

Bon appetit!!


Leg of lamb video
Stuffed leg of lamb
Mediterranean leg of lamb
Grilled leg of lamb
Southwestern shoulder roast
Garlic and Rosemary leg of lamb

Hearty Stews

Tortellini and lamb
Guinness Irish Stew
Tangine-style Stew

Ground Lamb

Stuffed Mushrooms with Plum sauce

Chops & Steaks

Rosemary-Pesto Crusted Steak
Stuffed Chops with Herb Tomato and Feta
Braised Shanks
Grilled Chops