History of Double Ewe Farm

Vince developed an interest in training for and competing in sheep-herding trials with his Border Collie, Bel, while living in Texas. Back in Wisconsin, Vince convinced Nancy to purchase a “few” sheep of their own to continue training Bel and rejuvenate the overgrown pastures of Scotdale Farm. Katahdins were chosen because they were good "herding" sheep (strong flocking instinct, carefree wool-less hair coat, and hardy constitution). Vince agreed to purchase three to five wethers, but returned home with 10 ewes! He decided the best way to recover his investment was to raise lambs. In Spring 2008, the first 14 lambs were born.

As the flock expanded, Vince and Nancy began to appreciate the unique characteristics of Katahdins and became interested in the genetics of the breed. They began to acquire a foundation of registered breeding stock and the number of lambs born each Spring increased. Donkeys were added to serve as guardians for the flock. Herefords were also added to improve pasture utilization and farm product diversity.

The farm name evolved from Scotdale Farm to Double Ewe Farm (a division of Scotdale Farms, LLC) in 2013. The Double Ewe Farm logo was designed to reflect the strong Wisconsin family history ("W"), primary focus on sheep ("ewe"), and forage based management system.  

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