Family History

In 1946, after Dale Pope returned from service in the Navy during WWII, he and his wife Lily, assumed responsibility of the family farm. Scotdale Farm operated primarily as a dairy, where the Pope family milked about 35 Holsteins using Surge buckets. Dale and Lily raised a family of 4 kids on the homestead.

As Wisconsin family dairies evolved into corporate farms, Dale and Lily sold their cows and focused on raising beef, hogs, and crops. Dale and Lily retired from farming in 1996.  They remained very active on the farm.  Lily passed away in 2015, but Dale continues to be a vital part of Double Ewe Farm.  

Vince was the youngest of the four kids. He met Nancy in college and they married in 1994. After graduation from college, Vince and Nancy moved away from Wisconsin to focus on their careers. Wisconsin's green hills, fragrant earth, and strong family bonds tugged at Vince's heartstrings and in 2006, he and Nancy returned to Wisconsin to revitalize Scotdale Farm.

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